2011 Toyota Sienna vs 2010 Toyota Sienna December 3, 2009 VISIT MOTORRIVALS.COM
Finally some new news for you minivan fans as Toyota has released their all new Sienna that should be available sometime next year around February. A ton of new features will be offered that's never been seen on the Sienna, or any minivan for that matter, such as a Panorama Camera rear camera that gives a full 180-degree view of behind. The biggest new feature, especially for kids and other rear passengers, is a new 16-inch split LCD screen that can watch videos on the whole combined screen or two individual screens (hence the split view). That's bigger than most laptops and even some televisions. Kids are getting spoiled these days.
2011 Toyota Sienna vs 2010 Toyota Sienna
The new Sienna is pretty aggressive, especially compared to the last generation. The grille is larger with sharper crossbars and the new bumper looks is more aggressive compared to the friendly 2010 look. The new Sienna looks more assertive and muscular while the old one looked smoother are more aerodynamic.
The new Sienna has sharper edges than before with a few extra creases on the side and fenders. Everything looks larger with a wider and taller front end.
You can really do much a with a minivan profile and the new Sienna's silhouette doesn't differentiate that much from before. A new window is created just in front of the side mirrors and the new tai light design can be seen from the side.
The taillights are the most distinguishing feature of the new rear with a unique shape. The solid red on white looks tons better than the circular design of the previous generation.
The new interior follows the Toyota Venza's design direction with a contemporary-styled dashboard design. Things are still functional and better than before. It's an all new look with the only similar feature being the shifter on the center stack. Rear passengers get most of the goodies such as the aforementioned 16-inch screen. On top of that, the Limited trim will offer La-Z-Boy-esque reclining seats and dual sunroofs.
PRICE: $25,000 (Base) (est.)
ENGINE: 2.7L I4 - 3.5L V6
HORSEPOWER: 187 - 266 hp
TORQUE: 245 lb-ft (V6)
SIZE (L x W x H): Unknown
WEIGHT: 4100 - 4600 lbs (est.)
0-60 MPH: 7.4 - 10.0 sec (est.)
1/4 MILE: 15.8 sec - 17.5 sec (est.)
TOP SPEED: 111 mph (est.)
FUEL (CITY/HWY): 18-19/24-26 mpg
PRICE: $24,540 - $37,865
TORQUE: 245 lb-ft
SIZE (L x W x H): 201.0 x 77.4 x 68.9 in.
WEIGHT: 4270 - 4545 lbs
0-60 MPH: 7.4 sec (AWD)
1/4 MILE: 15.8 sec @ 89 mph (AWD)
TOP SPEED: 111 mph
FUEL (CITY/HWY): 16-17/21-23 mpg
+Aggressive design (for a minivan)
+Contemporary interior
+Ton of new features

-Kids are getting spoiled
+Smoother front end
+Uncluttered design

-Wood accents don't match the rest of the interior
The Sienna SE features a more aggressive look with a different front fascia, side skirts, 19-inch wheels, and even smoked tail lamps. A sport-tuned suspension will even be offered. Sports-tuned suspension on a minivan sounds like an oxymoron but will be available nonetheless. All-wheel drive will also be an option and the V6 can even tow up to 3500 lbs.